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Mission Statement

With a philosophy grounded in the firm belief that each student is a unique person of intrinsic worth, the Ponce de Leon High School staff has a clear mission: to support an educational program which accommodates individuality rather than uniformity. Building upon this basic belief that our students are individuals of diversified interests, aptitudes, talents and goals, we seek to offer a program which accepts each student for who he is, and offers him a diversified program of educational equity and reality-based relevance to the world beyond the classroom. Our mission requires that our teachers gain a greater knowledge of the student as an individual and use that knowledge to assist the student in developing the potential which is inherent in each. As educators, we pledge that this mission will be an ongoing one as we seek to make a positive difference in the lives of the sons and daughters of Ponce de Leon High School and to work hard to make the vision statement a reality.

Vision Statement

The Ponce de Leon High School administration, faculty, and support staff visualize literate students who are seekers of meaning and knowledge and are using this knowledge to satisfy their curiosity about life's complexities as they explore. These students will discover the old and compare it to the new as they strive to clarify their own identity and understand a world of many cultures and different beliefs. As these students progress through the educational process, they will recognize their responsibility for changing conditions detrimental to human development, opportunity, and community. They will promote equity, tolerance, understanding, and acceptance of all people. The vision mirrors an educational environment that provides for the development of the potential of all students and allows students to progress at their own ability level - yes, an environment rich with language, the arts, mathematical exercises, scientific explorations, and a program that inspires the art of communication with confidence. Looking to the future, students will harness knowledge to productive ways. The world of technology will be nothing new to them. They will have developed skills to enter the world of work or to enter another phase of education. Ponce de Leon students will be "lifetime learners."