Name Title/Department Email
Locke, Anissa Principal Email
Brooks, Penney Assistant Principal Email
Gilmore, Jena Guidance Counselor Email
TBA Curriculum Coordinator Email


Name Title/Department Email
Bradley, Jody Intensive Reading (High School) Email
Castaneda, Nate Physical Education/MS and JV Boys Basketball Coach/Intensive Reading (Middle School) Email
Cook, Abbie Anatomy/Agriscience Email
Cotney, Larry History/Economics/MS abd JV Baseball Coach Email
Griffin, David  Science (6th Grade) Email
Hicks, Donna Culinary/History (8th Grade)/Science(7th Grade) Email
Hicks, Tommy Business Education/ ELA (11th and 12th Grade) Email
Kirkland, Willie Phycial Education/HOPE/Varsity Boys Basketball Coach

[email protected]

Leavins, Ryan History (6th Grade)/ Civics (7th Grade) Email
Lee, Zachary ESE Inclusion/Athletic Director/JV Girls Coach Email
Meeks, Meagan Liberal Arts Math/History(8th Grade)/Math (7th Grade) [email protected]
Molaison, Chris Biology/Geometry/Aerospace/Liberal Arts Math Email
Owen, Kelly Physical Science/Math(Middle School)/Personal Financial Literacy Email
Owens, Jonathan ELA (7th Grade)/Math (Middle School)/Golf Coach Email
Paulk, Debra ELA (6th Grade) Email
Sketo, Christina HS ELA/Journalism [email protected]
Smith, Debra ESE Inclusion/Sciene (7th and 8th Grade) Email
Sumner, Andrew Drivers Education Email
Tinsley, Laurie HOPE/Physical Education/Middle School Girls Basketball Coach/ Weightlifting Coach l[email protected]
Wade, Cindy HS History/Music/Humanities/Theatre [email protected]
Vaughan, Cathy ESE Email
Walton, Kendall Algebra 1/Algebra 2/Liberal Arts Math Email
West, Jean ELA (8th Grade) Email

Support Staff

Name Title/Department Email
Bowers, Jody Food Services Manager Email
Brannon, Barbara Computer Lab Email
Commander, Darlene Food Services
Eldridge, Amy Bookkeeper Email
Garner, Joan Receptionist Email
Hitzing, Dixie Food Services Email
Mason, Kim Aide Email
McCrory, Shawna Aide Email
McMillan, Lisa Custodian Email
Miller, Timra Data Clerk Email
Sasnett, Luann Custodian Email
Sasnett, Ronald Maintenance Email
Sisson, Dianne Food Services Email
Ward, Andria Aide Email