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7th Grade ELA Teacher

Reading Assignments

Complete the lessons that have been assigned for you once you sign in thru Classlink. Please take your time on these lessons. 


Week of March 31- April 4

* Determining Word Meaning using Context Clues

* Understanding Connotative Meanings

* Using Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes

* Understanding the Relationship Between Words

Week of April 6 - 13

* Analyzing the Development of Central Ideas

* Analyzing the Development of Central Ideas in Informational Text

* Analyzing the Development of a Theme

* Citing Evidence - Informational Text

* Citing Evidence - Literary Text

Week of April 14 - 20

* Summarizing Informational Text

* Summarizing Literary Text

* Analyzing Plot Development

Week of April 20 - 27

* Analyzing Interactions in Informational Text

* Analyzing Individuals, Ideas, or Events in Infomational Texts

* Analyzing How Story Elements Intereact

Week of April 27 - May 4

*Summarizing Social Studies Text

*Analyzing Different Structures of Poetry

*Analyzing the Structure in Drama

Week of May 5 - May 16

* Determining Word Meaning - Informational Text

* Determining Word Meaning - Literary Text

* Examining Word Choice in Informational Text


Language Art Assignments

Please sign in to and complete the following assignments:


* Best Meal Ever

* What if School Had No Rules

Grammar Practice

* Identifying Sentences and Fragments/Quiz

* Identifying Subjects and Verbs/Quiz

* Building Compound & Complex Sentences

* Identifying the Subject of a Sentence

* Identifying Pronouns as Subjects

* Identifying the Verb in a Sentence

* Identifying Subjects & Verbs Quiz

* Commas with Dates/Quiz

* Commas with Items in a Series/Quiz

* Capitalizing Quotes/Quiz

* Formatting Dialogue & Colon Quotes/Quiz


*Complete the essays that are listed on the Writescore websites. There are fifteen daily lessons listed and you can work at your own pace completing the explanatory essay and argumentative essay.  This does not have to be done in fifteen days. The two essays are due on or before May 1.  These essays can be typed and emailed to me at [email protected] Please follow the guidelines we have discussed in the past with paragraph format and length. Submitting a paragraphing that has less than 6 sentences is not acceptable.

Helpful Links

Side Notes

Paper Based Assignments

Paper Based Assignments will have a set of instructions attached and a list of due dates as well.  Paper Based assignments can not be physically submitted. Parents or students must take a picture of the assignments or scan and email them to me at [email protected] by the due date. If you need assistance with submitting paper based assignments please let me know. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me via my Remind App if you need assistance with an assignment.